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7 packing hacks you should know when you are moving

These 7 packing hacks will make your next move go much more smoothly. A little more organization and planning before a move goes a long way. Keep reading!

1. How to Pack Your Clothes

First and most importantly, invest in several wardrobe moving boxes. These tall boxes come with a hanger bar so you can just take your clothes directly from your closet, into the box, and take them out again just as easily!

2. How to Make Boxes a Little Easier to Carry

No matter what you’re packing or what you’re packing it in, remember this golden rule of packing: heavy stuff first. Not only will your back thank you, but your stuff is a lot less likely to get broken or slide around!

3. How to Pack Your Plates

A great tip for packing your everyday dinner plates is to fold them, one plate at a time, in a table runner to provide extra support without paying for extra bubble wrap. It’s also a good idea to pack them vertically into their box, not horizontally. That way your plates won’t be as likely to break!

4. How to Label Your Boxes

Whether you like color-coding your boxes with colored stickers or tape that matches a corresponding room in your new place or you simply like to use a marker to write directly on your boxes, it’s always a good idea to label your boxes! So, no matter which labeling system you use, don’t forget to label your boxes with two things: 1) what’s inside the box, and 2) what room the contents belong in!

5. How to Pack Your Jewelry

Plastic wrap is your best friend if you’re packing your hanging jewelry! Simply wrap your jewelry hanger with all your jewelry still hanging on it and place in a box or bag. Then, to unpack, simply unwrap, hang, and done!

6. How to Move Your Electronics

Take a picture of your TV or gaming cord configurations before unplugging everything and forgetting how you had them plugged in! Videos are also good here. Be sure to clearly label your box of extension cords because you’ll need them to unpack your living room and any other rooms with electronics in them.

7. How to Make the End of Moving Day Better

After a long day of moving, the last thing you want to do is sort through your boxes to find clothes, laptops, charger cords, toiletries, and other personal items. Pack those essential items in a “carry on” bag so you can keep it with you during the move day and use it to get you ready for bed that night, no unpacking necessary!

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