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How to find boxes for your next move

There are multiple ways you can obtain boxes for your next move.

First, let’s go over some free options. These options can help you get started, but remember that some of these “used” boxes may be damaged, too small, or not the right specialization that you need. Free boxes are great supplements, but you’ll probably need to purchase some boxes as well.

Supermarkets, liquor stores, bookstores, and other shops around town may have some leftover boxes from shipping their goods that you can ask for. Other, lesser known places to find free boxes are home and garden supply stores like Home Depot, Craigslist’s “free stuff” category, and your community recycling drop off. No matter where you look for your free boxes, you should get there right when they open to increase your chances of getting the boxes before they go to the recycling center or dump. Make sure to inspect your boxes for food or other stains and structural damage before putting your valuables into them!

Sometimes, your local U-haul, or other storage center, will have moving boxes left over from previous clients that you can purchase at reduced prices or take for free.

However, while it’s always great to find free stuff, sometimes you just don’t want to spend the time and hassle it takes to go around town looking for enough sturdy and clean moving boxes! Finding the right boxes and packing supplies for your next move has never been easier with Packaging and Handling

Packaging and Handling Supplies is a packing supplies company that stocks over 30,000 high-quality, inexpensive shipping boxes, packing materials, and mailing supplies and can ship all over the world to companies and individuals like you. We offer same day shipping for cardboard shipping boxes, plastic bags, janitorial supplies, retail supplies, and more!

Our online store gives you the resources you need to find the right supplies!

So, for your next move make simplification your goal and use Packaging and Handling Supplies to find and purchase the right-sized boxes and other supplies with just a few clicks on your computer or taps from your phone!

We guarantee reliable service and fast shipping so you can check “get moving boxes” off your to-do list in minutes right now.

Packaging and Handling Supplies is a nationwide wholesale packing and shipping supplier located in Columbus, Ohio. We have over 30,000 products to choose from including shipping boxes, moving boxes, bubble wrap, etc. We are open to the public locally and sell nationwide on our website.

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