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The top 5 best moving boxes

We’ve compiled a list of the top five types of moving boxes you may need to make your next move the best moving experience ever. Here are the best and most useful types of moving boxes you can use to help streamline your packing and moving process…

1. Wardrobe Boxes

While you may be planning to get most of your moving boxes “second hand” or reuse old standard boxes, wardrobe moving boxes are one of the most important types of specialty boxes you can have handy when packing. These specialized moving boxes are designed to fit your hanging clothes without folding or wrinkling. They are tall, sturdy boxes with a metal hanger so you can transfer your hanging clothes straight from your closet to the box and out into your new closet all with almost no effort!

2. Book Boxes

These smaller boxes are usually equipped with handles or cutouts for easier transportation and typically only have about 1.5 cubic feet of storage. However, don’t let their smaller size fool you into thinking they’re not as good as larger boxes! Because they’re smaller, you can easily pack and carry the heaviest of your belongings using the handles, namely books! Other small, compact, and heavy items that would be perfect for this size box include CDs, DVDs, heavy tools, canned goods, and some electronics such as gaming consoles.

3. Medium Boxes

At around three cubic feet, these boxes are great “anything and everything” boxes. Also known as all-purpose moving boxes, these boxes can fit things like pots and pans, photo albums, toys, kitchen items and utensils, and all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

4. Corrugated Carton Boxes

These boxes are extra sturdy, thanks to their corrugated cardboard sides which add extra support and cushion! Corrugated boxes are great for packing breakables like china, crystal, Christmas ornaments, and dishes or glasses.

5. Large Boxes

At around five cubic feet, these large boxes are great for all those lighter, awkwardly-shaped items you have laying around. Think puffy winter coats, large blankets, rugs, lamp shades, pillows, or lightweight toys.

Okay, now that we’ve unpacked a few secrets of the moving box world, (pun intended!) we hope you feel better equipped to start packing for your next move! If you want to learn more packing or moving tips, check out the rest of our blog.

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