Benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging

Packaging is an integral part of any business’ development and credibility. It serves as a foundation on which the durability and sustanibilty of a product stands because before the product is accessed, the packaging already speaks volume. Packaging is a business feature which transcends beyond the physical packaging materials down to the entirety of a company’s name. Most times, it is what makes a product stand out from the crowd even before its price or brand influence. However, aside from the protection which physical product packaging provides to items, it serves as a primary form of advertisement and brand development. This is why almost every product in the world today is packaged.

Although there are many types of packaging materials ranging from plastics, papers, glass, metals down to woods, the corrugated cardboard is regarded as one of best and safest packaging material for products irrespective of size or shape. Corrugated cardboard packagining is the process of using corrugated cardboards which are gotten from the pulp of pine trees and produced through the Kraft processing method as a packaging material. The corrugated cardboard is sectioned into three different parts: an inside liner, an outside liner and a flute which runs in between the two liners. These linings and flute help to provide cushioning and adequate protection for items (most especially fragile items) when converted into corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes come with a lot of benefits. They are high tech packaging materials which are already being used by packaging companies as a result of its innumerable benefits. Corrugated boxes are mostly used for the storing and shipping of different shaped items ranging from small, medium, large to heavy sized items. They can be crafted to meet the specific need of your product or business because they can be styled into any shape or form as desired by the item being packaged or preference of the box user. Also, corrugated boxes can easily be printed or customized on due to its strong and thick nature. Because items go through long-distance transportation, shipping and handling protocols, the corrugated boxes help in providing a great deal of protection by keeping the goods in tact and preventing any form of tearing, bursting or splitting. The thickness of the fiber-boards which are used to make corrugated boxes help to provide durability and protect against moisture. To crown it all, corrugated boxes are Eco friendly, cheap and easily recycled.

It is as a result of all these wonderful benefits that we at incorporate the corrugated cardboard packaging as part of our packaging processes because we understand the importance of keeping items looking good and new everyday. Our corrugated boxes are well shaped and designed to suit and protect your products. We offer different size range of corrugated boxes in order to provide unlimited choice options for our customers and also to make your packing, handling and shipping, a seamless affair. Therefore, if you are thinking corrugated boxes, think Packaging & Handling Supplies because we are the symbol of utmost detailing and excellence.

Packaging and Handling Supplies is a nationwide wholesale packing and shipping supplier located in Columbus, Ohio. We have over 30,000 products to choose from including shipping boxes, moving boxes, bubble wrap, etc. We are open to the public locally and sell nationwide on our website.

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